Ravens Windows January 2021

Well, the Ravens made the playoffs again this year, so we decided to bring back our Ravens windows with a few changes. The dress last year was made out of purple feathers that were hot glued onto an existing dress. After being in the sun for awhile, some of the purple feathers turned pink, so I took purple boas and folded them in half and attached the ends at the waist with a push pin. I then covered up the pushpins with purple feather pins that we had from last year. I added boas around the bottom of the dress to create a train.

Left Window 2020, Right Window 2021

Last year we hung purple boas on the sides of the windows and this year we used dyed coffee filters (one of my favorite mediums). I used several different shades of purple dye as well as mixing a red and a blue dye together. A broken dryer led to a trip to the laundromat and I was able to dry several thousand filters at once in a short period of time. ( I will only dry coffee filters this was from now on!) Once the filters were dried, we sewed them onto fishing line. A trick I always use, is to put a piece of 1/4-1/2″ cut straw between each filter.

Another change this year was to add the foam core raven to the window. Since we were playing Tennessee the first week, I blew up their best player and put him in the Ravens talons. This past week when we played Buffalo, we put Josh Allen in the talons.

Unfortunately, we lost so look for a new set of windows coming soon!

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